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This website

I designed this website in Figma using the fonts Monument Extended and Inter, and then coded it in VS Code using Next.js, Tailwind CSS, Lottie, and Framer Motion.

It's hosted on GitHub and deployed globally by Vercel, with privacy-focused analytics provided by Ackee.


My career began at a design agency, where I created logos, billboards, websites (and more) for various branding projects and client pitches.

Later, I moved into an art director role on advertising campaigns (within the same agency) for brands like McDonald’s, Fairmont Hotels, and Gap, among many others. This gave me a chance to work on things like television commercials; food, fashion, and product photo shoots; as well as out-of-home and digital campaigns.

Around that time, I created an iOS app with a friend, and we managed to secure a $50,000 grant to fund our development.

With that experience in product design, I decided to move on from advertising and join a technology start-up as their first designer. It was a great way for me to further develop my skills in interface and icon design, design systems, front-end development, branding, and copywriting.

And now for the next chapter: I recently joined the team at Superlist to help define the future of shared productivity. As a product designer, my role involves concept development and design for upcoming product features, as well as tooling work on our internal design system.

Senior Product Designer
Director of Design
Senior Creative
Co-Founder, Director
Super Value Meal
Art Director



Stay organized and connected with everyone you love, all within one app, instead of 12.
What can you expect?
This covers my work on a multi-platform consumer
(and enterprise) app over the course of four-plus years.
How did I contribute?
As the sole product designer on the team, I created every visual and interface below.
In addition to that, I helped plan and develop all product functionality; collaborated with the engineering team on implementation; acted as the front-end developer for our web presence; and crafted all our external marketing materials and pitch decks.
Brand design
Brand copywriting
Marketing design
Product design
Website design
Website development
The problem

Organizing a busy family is not an easy task.

For most families, it’s incredibly difficult to set up shared calendars, to-do and shopping lists, meal plans (and more), let alone be able to manage everything on a daily basis.

Family fridge door with magnets and papers all over
The fridge
command centre
A cloud of productivity app icons
Data across
multiple apps
A group of Post-it notes on a wall
Post-it notes
all over the house
A cluster of text messages and notifications
Endless message threads
and notifications
Family fridge door with magnets and papers all over
The solution

One (super) app with everything a family needs.

Like the digital fridge door of the future, Picniic becomes the catch-all meeting place for busy families.

It combines 10+ tools into one easy-to-use dashboard, all within one app. Every feature has been distilled to its essentials—offering just what a family needs (and nothing more) so that they can spend more time with the ones they love and less time organizing daily life.

A quick

Note: Animation for this video was completed by a third-party studio, with concept and creative direction provided from my end to match our brand.

The brand

Where it all started. My first task upon joining the team was to create the entire look and feel—from the ground up.

Picniic logo symbol over a blurred photo of kids in a park


Given the product name, it would have been a missed opportunity to not leverage existing, familiar symbols for the word “picnic.”

But more than that: picnic tables are a universal metaphor for a family gathering place, which is exactly the purpose of this product.

The hidden “P” is just a bonus.

Picniic vertical logo on a white background
Picniic horizontal logo on white and green backgrounds
Picniic app icon on an iPhone home screen
App icon

Using a gingham pattern for added texture.

Colour palette

A bright and uplifting set of colours—each with a specific purpose—to set the product apart from typical productivity software.
Brand colours

A core palette for any shared or global app functionality.

Picniic Light
Picniic Medium
Picniic Dark
Dashboard Light
Dashboard Dark
Feature colours

More than just window dressing, colour is used to represent functionality so that users create visual connections from feature to feature.


Appointments, schedules


Children at a barre class

Lists, chores, reminders


Woman restoring a wooden chair

Meal planning, recipes


Top-down view of a table with breakfast foods

Document storage, health and insurance


Close up of file folders and papers

Group events, chats


Family dinner in a backyard

Icon system

Every icon has been hand-crafted for a consistent and approachable tone.
Grid of Picniic feature icons
Close up of a birthday cake icon
Feature icons
32x32 grid
Close up of a birthday cake icon
Action icons
24x24 grid
Grid of Picniic action icons
'Last call' notifications


To keep things light and digestible, illustrations are used to support various app features.
Some were animated using Lottie to help with overall comprehension, while also simplifying the handoff between design and engineering.
An illustration of a dog with a leash in its mouth
Pet onboarding
Illustration of a radar locator with pings for people
Auto-share location
Smart home integrations
Activating rewards(Click me)
List empty state

Design system

A cross-platform library of Figma components acts as the source of truth across all app features.
A grid of design components that make up the Picniic app


From the short account setup to the Quick Start guide, the aim was to make it as easy as possible to get a family up and running.

To keep things simple, each screen in the shared account setup focuses on one task.
Three of the onboarding screens for Picniic

Quick Start

As a way of demonstrating all that you can do with Picniic, we created a guide that helps families enter new data as easily as possible.

This is presented as a separate tool (after account onboarding) that families can complete when they have the time.

The main screen of the Quick Start feature
The main screen of the Quick Start feature
It walks new families through everything from calendar syncing, to reminders for garbage pickup, upcoming bills, importing lists, car and medical insurance renewals, family birthdays, and more.

The features

Like 10+ apps within one dashboard, every feature has been distilled to its essentials for a consistent user experience.


Get a bird’s-eye view of everyone’s schedule.
The Month and Day views of the Calendar feature
Sync or import all your events.

Tag family members to include them in individual events, to-dos, and lists.

Close-up of a Calendar event


Collaborate on your to-do lists.
A to-do being completed by another family member
Shared lists keep everyone in the loop.
A shared family to-do list


Smart auto-complete for list items and aisles.
Adding a new item to a shopping list

Shopping Mode

Activate it on any shopping list to notify your entire family and keep the screen awake.
Shopping Mode alert from a shared list
Avoid the “Where are you?” messages with a check-in on the family map.
The main map view for the locator feature


Tap the SOS button to alert your family that you need help.
A close-up of the SOS button in the Locator
Adding shared places to the family map

Family Places

Get automatic notifications when family members arrive or leave your shared places.


Discover and save recipes for all your family favourites.
The main Recipes screen in Picniic with images of food
Use your recipes to plan weekly meals.
Two phones showing the weekly meal planning feature



One place for all your family files.
(No more Post-it notes around the house.)
The main menu and item screens for file storage
Manage screen time and filter unwanted content across all your family devices.
A grid of family members with their online filters


in and out
of the

“Okay Google, ask Picniic to plan a family barbecue for July 1st.”
“Hey Siri, ask Picniic to add four lemons to my shopping list.”
We created a section in the app to walk users through setting up assistant skills.
A screen explaining how to use the various smart assistant skills
In collaboration with Amazon, the Picniic skill achieved priority placement inside the Alexa app as one of the five default list skills.
Picniic listed in the Amazon Alexa app
A father and sone overlooking a sunset

And so much more.

Track all your birthdays and anniversaries.
Combining family activity updates with group chat.
Store your family photo and video memories.
Plan events with other families and friends.

What people are saying:

App Store
App of the Day ✗2
Picniic as App of the Day

The 50 Best Apps
of the Year

“Picniic is a sort of Swiss Army Knife for keeping your family organized.”
“It’s worth it to have this family dashboard at your fingertips.”

Top Apps of 2019

Picniic on the Today Show

“Picniic actively seeks to solve problems for families, and that’s refreshing.”
“Picniic’s all-in-one approach makes the app feel as tight-knit as the families it’s designed for.”
“Picniic wants the family unit to be one efficient machine in constant sync.”
App Store
Editorial features ✗4
Picniic in an editorial feature on the App Store

From a consumer app to an enterprise solution.

After hearing from enterprise companies that wanted to consolidate their own digital services, we adapted Picniic and its codebase into a modular ‘super app’ platform.
The Picniic platform in other versions for enterprise
From smart home systems, to medical services, to on-demand entertainment, to IoT devices—the concept of a super app (like Picniic) can apply to any industry.

Telenor Min Familie

As the first and largest of our enterprise clients, Telenor telecommunications (annual revenue $110B+) offered a localized version of Picniic for free to all their Scandinavian customers.

It added Telenor account profiles, national postal service tools, a custom recipe API, and grocery delivery.

The Min Familie dashboard on an iPhone
The web admin Dashboard page on a laptop
The web admin Insights page on a laptop
The web admin Actions page on a laptop

Admin tool

This new modular Picniic platform was paired with a custom web admin tool, allowing clients to completely customize, deploy, and monitor the analytics of their own super app in near real-time.

Enterprise website

And finally, our website was refreshed to offer further details about our customizable platform.
The homepage of the Picniic enterprise website
Details in motion.
The platform page of the Picniic enterprise website
The benefits page of the Picniic enterprise website