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My career began at a design agency, where I created logos, billboards, websites (and more) for various branding projects and client pitches.

Later, I moved into an art director role on advertising campaigns (within the same agency) for brands like McDonald’s, Fairmont Hotels, and Gap, among many others. This gave me a chance to work on things like television commercials; food, fashion, and product photo shoots; as well as out-of-home and digital campaigns.

Around that time, I created an iOS app with a friend, and we managed to secure a $50,000 grant to fund our development.

With that experience in product design, I decided to move on from advertising and join a technology start-up as their first designer. It was a great way for me to further develop my skills in interface and icon design, design systems, front-end development, branding, and copywriting.

And now for the next chapter: I recently joined the team at Superlist to help define the future of shared productivity. As a product designer, my role involves concept development and design for upcoming product features, as well as tooling work on our internal design system.

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A closeup of a martini glass in front of a fireplace


Refreshed branding, photography, and digital presence to unify the amenities at the Pacific Rim hotel.
What can you expect?
This project spans both brand identity and digital work
for Fairmont, a global chain of five-star luxury hotels,
completed while working at Cossette.
How did I contribute?
I was tasked with overall brand and visual design, website design, and art direction for a full photography refresh.
I worked with a large team on this project, including a creative director, copywriter, photographer, web developer, producer, account manager, and clients.
Brand design
Visual design
Art direction
Website design
The problem

Hard-to-discover amenities with nothing in common. (Other than the hotel.)

Digital presence prior to the rebrand effort.

Four old website images representing Fairmont Pacific Rim amenities
Each of the hotel’s outlets—café/winebar, lounge/sushi bar, fine dining restaurant, and spa—had a lot to offer, but nothing in common. They were also hard to discover online, frequently leaving guests unaware of their existence until visiting in person.
The solution

Refresh and unify the Fairmont offerings while preserving what makes them unique.

Starting from a high level, the goal was to find a shared brand language that could be used to unify each outlet, and help make them identifiable as part of this hotel.

Oru logo and feature image
Giovane logo and feature image
Lobby Lounge logo and feature image
Willow Stream logo and feature image

Visual language

To kick things off, it made sense to redefine what luxury means for this hotel—both for our team and the client.

Not your average hotel

Compared to other Fairmont hotels, the Pacific Rim represents a new era, filled with modern art and innovative architecture.
Overview images of the Pacific Rim hotel
No to ‘traditional’ luxury

Abundant, indulgent, and ornate.

A moodboard of images representing traditional luxury
Yes to ‘reinvented’ luxury

Unexpected delight; a personal connection.

A moodboard of images representing reinvented luxury

The outlets

From there, we set out to define the look and feel for each outlet, finding ways to create consistency along the way.

Giovane Café

Chalkboards and fresh ingredient displays represent the Italian menu offerings. This was paired with yellow accents, like adding a big ‘g’ on the to-go cups—a nod to the giant sculptural ‘g’ at the café entrance.
The Giovane logo
The Giovane colour palette
The Giovane mood board
The Giovane photography style
The Giovane typography style
The Giovane applications
The Giovane logo

Oru Cuisine

Similar to Giovane, we created a defining orange accent based on touchpoints from the restaurant, and pulled inspiration from the dimensional origami art piece that runs along the ceiling.
The Oru colour palette
The Oru mood board
The Oru photography style
The Oru typography style
The Oru business card

Lobby Lounge

For the lounge, we referenced its grand piano and weekly jazz performances by using black and white with hits of gold. Applications like menus and coasters were based around people coming and going, sparking up conversation over drinks.
The Lobby Lounge logo
The Lobby Lounge colour palette
The Lobby Lounge mood board
The Lobby Lounge photography style
The Lobby Lounge typography style
The Lobby Lounge applications

Conversation starters

Despite being one of the smaller brand applications, these coasters easily became the most popular; they are still posted regularly on social media.
Various conversation starter coasters from the Lobby Lounge
The Willow Stream Spa logo

Willow Stream Spa

Even though the spa acts as a separate business unit within the hotel, we aimed to integrate local branding, menus, and appointment cards with the principles we defined for the other outlets.
The Willow Stream Spa colour palette
The Willow Stream Spa mood board
The Willow Stream Spa photography style
The Willow Stream Spa typography style
The Willow Stream Spa applications

Custom photography

Over 200 new images—based on our new visual language principles—for use across marketing, web, and social media.
Giovane photography samples
Lobby Lounge photography samples
Oru Cuisine photography samples

A suite of new websites

Each outlet got a web refresh, with consistent content layouts, updated photography, improved menus, and a linked navigation.
Lobby Lounge website on 3 iPads

Shared navigation

To help improve discovery for all outlets, each website linked to one another using the same top left menu button.
The shared navigation system
The Lobby Lounge menu

Uniform menus

We created a consistent food and drink menu structure to make it easy for guests to browse on any device. It was also easier for employees to update, being linked to a content management system on the back end.
The Giovane and Oru menus
Oru website on 3 iPads
Giovane website on 3 iPads