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Product design

Product design


We’re building the productivity tool of the future: for teams and individuals alike.
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It’s the easiest way to back up your entire life, especially when you have no idea where to begin.
Main LifeVault goals screen
LifeVault AES-256 security badge
LifeVault gradient background
LifeVault pack imagery
LifeVault iPad screens
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Stay organized and connected with everyone you love, all within one app, instead of 12.
Main Picniic dashboard on phone in hand
Picniic icons grid
To-Do and Calendar features on phones
Picniic logo on a photo of two kids
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Brand identity

Brand identity


A flammable identity for an events company looking to spark conversation.


Refreshed branding, photography, and digital presence to unify the amenities at the Pacific Rim hotel.
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Fit Brains

A symbol that challenges your mind, much like the brain training software it represents.

With more than 20 million registered users, Fit Brains went on to be acquired by Rosetta Stone.


A punchy brand for a peculiar publisher of picture books.
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Night Sweats

A glitching logo for a late-night animation compilation TV show on Adult Swim.

Art direction

Art direction

McMuffin Sunrise

Serving as a timely reminder of breakfast at McDonald's, this digital billboard pulled real-time data to synchronize the rise of an Egg McMuffin with the sun.
Billboard of an Egg McMuffin beside a bridge

Big Mac Glow

To share the joy of the holidays, multiple transit shelters were filled with festive lights to recreate the iconic layers of a Big Mac.

Dollar Drink Days

A refreshing look for the annual $1 drinks campaign that ran on billboards, online ads, and in McDonald's restaurants nationwide.

Side projects

Side projects

Fwd:Fwd:Fwd: newsletter on a monitor


I track down the latest and greatest online, package it up in one email, and ship it straight to your inbox.
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Draw a terrible monster, give it a dumb voice, then battle it against your friends (enemies).

This app was made possible thanks to a $50,000 grant from the BC government.

A Winamp skin and its UI elements on a sky background


As far as I know, this Winamp skin was the first thing I ever designed, way back in 1998.

I fired up MS Paint on the CRT monitor of my family’s Dell PC, and never looked back. (Yes, dude, we got a Dell.)

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I’m a designer with over a decade of industry experience in product design, brand identity, and advertising.

In my spare time, I write an almost-monthly newsletter
with links to my favourite things on the Internet.

Sometimes I even make it outside, too.



This website

I designed this website in Figma using the fonts Monument Extended and Inter, and then coded it in VS Code using Next.js, Tailwind CSS, Lottie, and Framer Motion.

It's hosted on GitHub and deployed globally by Vercel, with privacy-focused analytics provided by Ackee.


My career began at a design agency, where I created logos, billboards, websites (and more) for various branding projects and client pitches.

Later, I moved into an art director role on advertising campaigns (within the same agency) for brands like McDonald’s, Fairmont Hotels, and Gap, among many others. This gave me a chance to work on things like television commercials; food, fashion, and product photo shoots; as well as out-of-home and digital campaigns.

Around that time, I created an iOS app with a friend, and we managed to secure a $50,000 grant to fund our development.

With that experience in product design, I decided to move on from advertising and join a technology start-up as their first designer. It was a great way for me to further develop my skills in interface and icon design, design systems, front-end development, branding, and copywriting.

And now for the next chapter: I recently joined the team at Superlist to help define the future of shared productivity. As a product designer, my role involves concept development and design for upcoming product features, as well as tooling work on our internal design system.

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